An Epistle To The Brethtren

What Is The Apostlesí Doctrine?

Written By: Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker

December 23rd, 2002


Brethren, Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, I, Elder Walker, bring you peace and joy through the understanding of the true word of our Father and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May god bless each and every one of you and keep you until that day when he shall reveal himself from heaven to claim His redeemed and those who have kept His word. Glory to God, I pray that I shall see you there and you shall see Elder Walker there and each of us helping to crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords.

Now as you all know it is my job to provide for all subjects the official closure based upon the infallible word of God. However, as there can never be but only one doctrine and that one doctrine can never change; all that we need to do in every case is to establish the one doctrine, OK? For it truly is and shall ever be only one and in all that we may do or say does not change any thing. Jesus said "it is done" and in as much as He only did it once for all, He will never bring a different doctrine and the angels from heaven are forbidden by the Gospel according to Apostle Paul. We might as well go ahead and wrap this thing up and say 'case closed'. For it does not matter what any Minister has to say and how much he knocks the apostles' doctrine, he cannot bring another because the Apostle also said if any man bring anything another than that which you have received, let him be accursed.

Also, in view of what I am sure that some of the brethren wrote in good faith from the beginning, the Holy Ghost leads me to bring knowledge and understanding to this issue that you all may stand on solid ground and be not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ; whether it is the wearing of cotton stockings once upon a time; or being those that will come through great tribulation in the end time; it is still the gospel of God; and so we preach and teach and so you believe. And Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow as he will not give nor bring another Testment, ratified with His own blood, ever again; therefore the church can never have a doctrine that is subject to change from that which was given by Him. From time to time there may be change in some church members; but the church doctrine can never change as all power is given unto him, thereby causing the foundaton of God to stand assuredly. One of the Brothers wrote:

: "It seems like every church has a different doctrine. It's clear that you must be born again but the apostolic doctrine different from church to church. Bishop Johnson had his version and Jennings has his version and Elder Walker has his version. Who is right? The bible says we must speak the same thing. And he is the same yesterday, today and forever...., I've just seen people change Bishop Johnson's strict doctrine.....But these other people I don't know because their just preaching ".

No, Brother the Apostolic Doctrine does not differ from church to church; no sir, not at all, praise God. But I tell you this: church to church might and do differ with the Apostolic Doctrine and that is a fact. Just be patient with me, I beg of you and let me tell you about just one of those other persons that you do not know about or not enough information to make a good decision. I will tell you about Elder Walker and how he is going to explain to you for perhalps the first time what doctrine really is.

Now of course and keep in mind, you will also be saved if you keep in memory what Elder Walker preaches unto you. There is no different between the three of us, except one has gone on; and the other one is in his prime; and the other one is getting ready to go on. We both fought a good fight; Bishop finished the course and Elder Walker is soon to finish also; and Pastor Jennings is headed for mid course after a strong beginning.

Now when you compare you have to take more into consideration than what you see, you also have to consider the things that you don't see. in order to arrive
at a good and proper conclusion and remain in the true word. Many people will get one look at Elder Walker and will say that he is not following Bishop because he wears a red tie most of the time he is preaching the gospel of God, he also says that it is all right for a married person to wear a common wedding band, and that it is all right for a person to wear a leather banded watch, and that it is all right for a person to use a cell phone, and that it is all right to use a fax machine, and that it is all right to use a computer at home and at work, and that it is all right not to wear cotton stockings, provide you cover your nakedness with another type, and that it is all right if you maintain good hygiene regarding your scalp and hair, preventing health problem of whatever nature, and that it is all right to get a blood transfusion and a kidney transplant. Now they will say that Elder Walker is preaching all of these things and Bishop Johnson did not preach a single one of these things and therefore Elder Walker is wrong and is not
following Bishop's Teachings.

Whereas by the same token individuals who claim to be living the teachings of Bishop Johnson to the letter find themselves; just gotta' have my fax machine, can't live a single moment without their cell phone, and is on their computer every single moment of time that they can find night and day, and donít even dare to mention TV; why they will miss church to stay home to watch the "super bowl" Now these so call keepers of Bishop Johnson's teachings can use, utilitize
and/or do all of these thing that Elder Walker says that it is all right to do and have no condemnation in doing so because they are keeping the teachings of BSCJ who they learned about by listening to audio tapes met for a generation of people who had their own specific problems some 50 years ago. But, Elder Walker is wrong and not in the truth because he say these things that true apostolics are doing each and every day as a part of their lives, because Bishop didn't preach it.

My God when are the saints going to wake up and see their own calamity? When my Lord? when? Brother, don't you see how silly this game of comparing is when you do it without looking at all the things that you do not see also? You build a flawed judgment concerning today's men of God; what few there really are! This is the problem that the church is confronting today when it mentions the word doctrine. Elder's Walkers doctrine says this and Bishop Johnson's doctrine said that and I am going to stick to Bishop's doctrine because I know that he was an apostle. Well, why can't Elder Walker be an apostle
also? Why is it that you refuse to believe that he has the same calling also? Do you not realize that the God that called Bishop Johnson to the ministry is also the same God that called Elder Walker to the ministry?

Now, let me show you the common error that is made when the word 'doctrine' is introduced into the equation. This transcends, because 99.999% of the saints do not know what DOCTRINE really is. And this is why they have a problem with every preacher or teacher they compare with Bishop Johnson, and it only because they do not really know what doctrine really is. I am going to give you
revelation that you have never received before from any of the ministers that you know and that includes Bishop Johnson whom you know of and say you are followering.

Now, let me explain to you in no uncertain terms and something you are going to hear for the first time, what is the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which was
first spoken by our Lord Jesus and confirmed unto us by those that heard Him; the apostles; thus becoming known to us as the apostles' doctrine,
as no one, other than them understood it until they explained it beginning on the day of Pentecost. Church Doctrine is: a proclamation of the mysteries
of the Oneness of Jesus Christ as they fulfill the purpose of God Almighty. To restore mankind to the state of holiness acceptable unto Him by the
effectual working of the Holy Ghost as it moved on the word that was made flesh; first of all, how that it (Christ) should die for our sins according
to the scriptures; and that He was buried and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures. And that repentance and remission of sins
were to be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem, according to the scriptures. This is the Doctrine of Jesus Christ which was
first spoken by Him and also The doctrine of the Apostles who heard Him. No more no less, this is the doctrine of the church of God.

Now, in order for the church of God to become the benefactors of the meaning and purpose of this mysterious and strange doctrine first proposed by Jesus
Christ. The early apostles had to format this trihedral work of God into a simple existence, howbeit, it must be done according to the scriptures, but
also in a format that the church could receive the intended understanding and knowledge. To solve this for the church, the Holy Ghost move on the
apostles from the beginning from the time that Pentecost had fully come, through the fooliness of preaching and through teaching, to convert these
mysteries of understanding, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ into inspired words of God. Thus the Apostles through the
inspiration of the Holy Ghost transformed these wonderful and glorious mystified facts; the doctrine first spoken by Jesus Christ into
commandments, rules, regulations, exercises and government; that the church might have the understanding of what encompassed the death and the burial
and the resurrection of Jesus Christ; that the church might understand the oneness of the spirit of God; that the church might understand repentance
and remission of sins in his name; that the church might understand salvation being found in no other name given under heaven; and finally that
the church might understand one lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. and even
as you are called in one hope of your calling, that there is one body and one spirit,
the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, you are right when you say; "I know that you are not the only one following BSCJ teachings"; no I am not the only one and never said that I
was for if I did say that I would be a liar and the truth is not with me. However I tell you this: I am the only one teaching the things that Johnson
taught with added and new revelation that was not given during the days of BSCJ. This is why I look, sound, and talk different that Bishop Johnson.
I am able to give you revelation that you have not received prior. This is why I can explain to you what the apostolic doctrine really is,
because God has given to me additional revelation for the church. And I do fellowship with all the churches of God and 1000's of their members support
my ministry, even the non apostolic churches support me because they know without any doubt that AMA ministries are ordained of God and it is the real thing, telling the real truth, and having the true doctrine.

In closing, praise God, let me remind you that Jesus Christ open the understanding of the Apostles, that they might understand the scriptures. And as this opening of understanding was from and encounter with Jesus Christ and/or the Holy Ghost; and as this kind of understanding was not to come to the ordinary people until they had found obedience in and to the righteousness of Jesus Christ; The Apostles had to transpose this great mystery and format it as commandments, laws, rules, regulation, exercises and government in order for God to add to the church as such, as should be saved by accepting divine inspired teaching and preaching unto salvation and obedience to Jesus Christ. This Case Is Closed!!



Elder Charles Ford Walker, A Servant of God,