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See I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out,and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.
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Bishop Charles Ford Walker
Chief Elder of God's Presbytery @
Aposrolic Ministries of America, Inc.
A Church of the Loard Jesus Christ of the Apostollic Faith
Orthodox Apostolic Doctrine

And the LORD answered me and said, write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it.
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Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be
displayed because of the truth . Selah
Psa 60:4

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Disturbingly so; all humanity are caught up, in the crosshairs of a future where the ultimate control does belong to God Almighty and not man, nor his inventions. This time of Tribulation will come upon all the earth and man cannot prevent it. Wherfore, humanity's only hope is found in the Gospel of Christ and it's promise which is given unto you and to your children through through obedience.


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For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry

Posted 07/15/2008

Chief Elder Walker
In as much as you teach against 'Gay Lifestyles' and same sex marriage; how do you view the overturning of the band on same sex marriages in California. Are you upset? Are you angry? What are you going to do?
Ha, Ha, In CA
calif_fires_2008.jpg - 27921 Bytes For those who commit whoredom, the unclean, the dogs and the sodomites; God has always used FIRE to destroy them from the earth and the lightning bolts out of clear skies, that has California burning is a warning from God Almighty, that this abomination, he will not put up with. Dogs and Sodomites are the lowest of life forms and every nation or community that have gone that way; did not endure. You ask; what am I going to do: Absolutely NOTHING; have yourself a ball. All this just decreased my time of waiting on Jesus a few years; Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Click Here
Posted 06/10/2008
Elder Walker,
I am not asking you which one of the candidates will win just to be asking. But the information you are able to provide will help others make up their minds, regarding this 2008 election. So, help us out with your wisdom and knowledge
'Skip' in Dallas, Texas
mccain_obama.jpg - 24817 Bytes I hope that I never say anything that will aid either of the Candidates; as I do not have a good feeling toward either becoming president of the United States of America. Obama is far short of what the Democratic Candidate should be and McCain is likewise, short of what the Republican Candidate should be. Because of health issues and hate issues; whoever endures and wins will have earned it by the time this election is over. Just remember the GHOST of Clinton and Romney are still out there and who knows one or both might have to come to the rescue. The candidate that gets on the side of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of CHRIST will win. CLICK HERE
Posted 03/16/2008

Hello Elder Walker,
I know that you do not get involved in the political events of the world, very often; just maybe you will answer this one question: Will Ms. Obama be an asset or a liability to hee husband if he wins the democratic nomination?
Just want to know; In LA
obama_wife.jpg - 17594 Bytes OK! Just, If you have to know here is my take; Old Folks say: Nothing ruins a snake but his MOUTH! and the City Smarts say: you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl. As Ms. Obama begins to make her rounds with the talk shows and media interviewers you will understand what I am saying. If she is able to show herself as not controlling, not jealous and not better than others; her husband in the very end will beat out Clinton for the Democratic Top Spot. CLICK HERE(Old picture is replace by newer one)
Posted 01/07/2008

Greetings Elder Walker,
We here in London love your website; it is plain and simple and so full of the truth of God; extending Wisdom by the knowledge given you. One question: What will the year 2008 be like? What are some of the events that will take place?
Happy days, J. Johnstone, London, England
elect087.jpg - 16816 Bytes 2008 will be bad days for good people; where sin will be the choice of lifestyle. Some of the events: Earthquakes and food shortages for the world; Energy sources will be the most expensive in history; Oil shortages for the world due to the demand for energy from China, India and Brazil; Mega Tornadoes and floods in the USA; An unusual presidential race in the USA; Breakdown of the world's financial systems and yes; Gay lifestyle becoming normal for ungodly people. Jesus Help Us
Posted 09/07/2007

Greetings Chief Elder Walker,
May the Lord Jesus be with you as you shower the nations with your wisdom and knowledge. My question is: When will the big one (Earthquake) hit California
Keep the faith,
Terry K, LA,CA
san_andreas.gif - 84218 Bytes Terry, if you were able to look down upon the earth, as astronauts do; you could see that much of the SW USA including California is already broken and looks as if it is ready to fall into the ocean now. In answer to your question: The secret things belong to God and they are not given to man to know the day and hour; and if everybody knew when it was coming you can imagine what that would cause. The time for this terrible event is predicated upon two things and they are: elevated sin and transgression by the people of California and Nevada and the releationship between the USA and Israel. If people in the region continues to be ungodly and sinfull it will happen sooner; and if USA's releationship with Israel goes bad that also will make it happen sooner. But in any event; by the end of 2011 is a good date that the people of the region should prepare for; or it could happen today. Also be aware that when the Big One happens it will not be just one earthquake but it will set off a chain of several earthquakes throught out the USA, in the other fault areas that presently are at risk of a Big One as well.
For More Info Click Here

Posted January 1st, 2007

Greetings Elder Walker, I know that your opinions and forceasting are very good and God have given you the gift to have this insight. So please tell me where is Osama Bin Laden and what is he doing these days.
Doug, Provo, Utah
Chief Elder,
Can you give us some idea on what Osama Bin Laden will do next.
Be blessed
Mark B, Indianapolis, IN
osama_bin_laden.jpg - 12807 Bytes

Let Me Say This: Osama Bin Laden Is DEAD; Case Closed
Osama Bin Laden Info:
Posted 08/01/2007

Mr. Apostle
Why do you always defend Israel when they are always wrong and cause so much hurt to good people?
Jeb, N.Y, N.Y
Elder Walker,
Is it because of the financial support you receive from Israel, that you defend them or is it because you are a devil also?
No Name, Montgomery, Alabama
tank_flags.jpg - 27945 Bytes
Well, Well, here we go again. You need to fast forward to the last chapter in the back of the book, and you will find out that "THEY WIN". God said "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Now I ask: do you want a blessing or do you wish to be cursed. I, myself want a blessing and so should America and if we fail to support and defend Israel we to will go down to destruction like all the others. God Is and always will be with Israel and those who stand with her. Wake up and stop being a crybaby......CLICK HERE.
Posted 08/01/2007

Rev. Walker
What is your forecast on the United States of America? Will it endure or not?
M.M, Bronx, N.Y
Elder Walker,
Is America the Great Babylon in Revelation? If so will it also, be destroyed?
Matthew, Johnson City, TN
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America will always be. It is not the NT Mystery Babylon of Revelation. America is the Greatest God fearing Nation in the world and a Friend of Israel As a result it will remain a great nation. In coming years it will suffer at least three great earthquakes; one volcanic explosion from beneath; one major city will be mostly destroyed; And the ungodly, the undesirables, the evil; the immoral segment of its society will be destroyed by the wrath of God. Afterwards, America will regain its rightful place; the Greatest Christian nation on earth. Remaining a friend of Israel will ensure this.
Posted August 7th,2007

Elder Walker,
Will Middle East oil be the cause of the final conflict given in the book of Revelation?
J.B., Jackson, GA
Dear Chief Elder,
What will happen to Israel in the battle for Arab Oil?
Billy Boy, Morgantown, West VA
God Almighty Shall Give Israel Its' Own Oil At the Appointed Time, In Their Own Land.
No! Middle East Oil will not be the cause of the 'Final Conflict'. The final conflict in Revelation will take place to destroy evil, sin and the 'mystery of iniquity'. Oil will be one of the reasons for the armies of the nations to gather at Armageddon; but again it will not be Arab Oil; instead it will be Israelli Oil. Any day now Israel will discover the largest oil fields beneath her, in all the Middle East; thus, making It the most powerful nation in the region and completely destroying the Energy Grip the Arab World has on the nations.
Click Here For More Info
Posted 08/15/2007

Hello Elder Walker
God bless the AMA Ministry and all that you are doing for the children. On your website you are involved with the Space Program and my question is: With all the new instruments and telescopes and space exploration; will we find intelligence life forms among the millions of new worlds out there? If we do; what do you think these life forms will look like?
Jason, Valdez, Alaska
mexico.giant.telescope.jpg - 24834 Bytes
I am not sure if we even have intelligence life forms on earth anymore. Nevertheless, your answer is that other life forms; than those identified are all in another dimension and they nor we can ever breach the boundary of the other's dimension. What we will see in the last days are the angels whom God will use to execute His final orders. In some cases they will have to take on human form and likeness and the machines they will use for travel and execution (UFO's) will be superior and far more sophisticated than man's engineered machines and apparatuses. Satan will also use evil angels for his final orders as well. Click Here
Posted 08/08/2007

Chief Elder,
Which Nation will win the "Battle of Armageddon" mentioned in the Book of Revelation? I trust your answer as you have not missed the target in the eleven years, I have been following your forecasting. You are truly a real man of God.
Bro White, Pheonix Arizona
mideast_war.jpg - 13574 Bytes
You are asking a very good question and one that the whole world needs the answer to. The battle of Armageddon is not a battle that man can wind as it is a batttle between the Kings of the earth and Jesus Christ, the Mighty God. This battle is won by Jesus Christ as he subdues the whole earth and destroying the sins of all mankind; that the earth might at last be like heaven. (Thou will be done on earth as it is in heaven) Spirits of Devils, working miracles, will go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole World to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. To a place in the Hebrew tounge called Armageddon. CLICK HERE
Posted June 18th, 2007

Chief Elder Walker,
What is your position on Global Warming and what can we do to stop it from getting any worse?
C. Yong, Columbia, SC
climate_model.jpg - 27083 Bytes
Global Warming is a progression of the full filling of God's Holy Scriptures and there is nothing you nor I can do. The Sun is getting warmer and without the gases which cause the greenhouse effect we would be at the mercy of the sun's heat; in this way it protects the earth over heating. But prevents the heat of the earth from escaping, causing a warming effect. The 'End Time' per the scriptures the heavens will catch fire and the elements will melt with fervent heat and be dissolved; it is all the gases which man put into the heavens; that will cause it to burn up when ignited by God's wrath.
Posted May 28th, 2007

Chief Elder Walker,
Greetings to you and AMA, in the holy name of Jesus. It is said that the heavens declare the glory of God and the earth reveals His handiwork. But, just where is His heaven and His throne and when we see these wonderful creations in heaven do we see HIs Throne?
B. Brown, Troy, Michigan
pinwheel_galaxy_hubble.jpg - 17457 Bytes
God's Spirit fills heaven and earth and the beautiful creations in heaven and earth we see are manifestations of His Spirit. We cannot see His Spirit nor His Heaven/ Throne; yet it is there for all eternity; humans are not able to look there upon. God's Heaven/Throne is that 98% of the Universe which scientist call Dark Matter, which they cannot see; but know its there, making up most of the universe. God's Heaven/Throne is of another Dimension, which man cannot observe (Dark Matter), Insturments will give him a crude outline, but, he will never be able to see and behold it until he takes on angelic form. Click Here.
Posted May 20th, 2007

Bishop Walker,
Greetings in the holy name of Jesus and God bless your ministry. I have many questions; but one in particular: What does the future hold for Secretary Rice?
Shirley, Montgomery, AL
Secetary_rice.jpg - 15187 Bytes
Secretary Rice's allegiance will always be to President Bush; nonetheless Ms. Rice will become a very valuable individual to this nation, until no administration can afford to overlook her skills. As China and Russia becomes great military powers and partners of distruction; Secretary Rice will be the Mastermind and stragtegist who will formulate policy to contain the blood suckers (China and Russia); keeping America and Israel safe for another time.
Click Here For More Info On Rice
Posted May 15th, 2007

Brother Charles, bless you,
And please tell me the scriptural view of what is going to happen between Israel and Iran; and what will be the fate of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
Blake, London, England
asefi_iran_president.jpg - 16744 Bytes
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's fate has been determined by himself according to what is written: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.The blessing to the families of the earth did not come through Ishmael but through Isaac. Wherefore President Ahmadinejad is a cursed man; who will inflict pain and distress upon Israel for a time. But, in the end Israel will prevail.
Click Here For More Info:
Posted July 2nd, 2007

Hi Elder Walker
Will Mrs. Clinton become the next president of our country?
Nancy B, E. St. Louis, MO

Mr. Walker
Because of your view on the role of women what are you going to do when Mrs. Clinton becomes President of the USA?
Sally, New York, NY
clinton.jpg - 14643 Bytes
Yes! If insanity prevails within the ranks of the voters; and No! if the nation retains its sanity. Elder Walker opinion is: that the nation will maintain its sanity and do the right thing in this time of need and determination to combat evil and iniquity
Click Here For Clinton Info.
Posted April 30th, 2007

Dear Elder Walker,
In your sermons and epistles you sometimes mention 'super storms' and 'mega storms'; what do you mean by those terms and when will they appear?
Jestin, Miami, FL
rita_0923.jpg - 21216 Bytes
If you look at the records; storms have for the last few years started to be more intense each season and by 2009 the ocean's temperatures will be at an all time high. This will be the fuel needed for hurricanes to become more destructive, more intense and in size some will dwarf any storm to that date. Your concern should be the 10th tropical distrubance of 2009 which will develop into the greatest storm of all time ; 'JOAQUIN'is his name. How about a CAT. 7? A storm with three eyes; maybe
Click Here Fore More Storm Info
Posted April 30th, 2007

Greetings, Chief Elder Walker,
We listen to your sermons and are truly amazed at your knowledge and wisdom displayed in your teaching. We would like to know if North Korea and it leader, Kimjongil are a threat to the United States and what should we do about their Nuclear Weapons?
Bro. Richard, Whats Left of Big Easy, LA
kimjongil.jpg - 21835 Bytes
North Korea is one of the most impoverished nations in the world and until that changes they are no threat to the US directly. Their Nuclear Weapons; if they have any are only a 'show and tell' and if they use it, then they will have nothing left to bargin with. Therefore, they will keep it in the news, until it is of no value to them and what they are trying to do. Even if they wanted to attack the US they would have to borrow the money to buy the missle fuel. Kim has a brain sickness and will so be overcome by it. His days are numbered.
Click Here Fir More Info
Posted April 29th, 2007

Elder Walker please tell me why you and other ministers are not speaking out more forcefully against the condition in Darfur and what needs to be done to fix the problem.
Be blessed, L.A. in Los Angeles
darfur_children.jpg - 24777 Bytes
I am not able to speak for other ministers; however, all my efforts speak out against the atrocities taking place in Darfur and this little Girls's picture is in every daily presentation and workshop I conduct accross America. This is a very complex condition; having to do with the supply and demand for natural energy resources with China holding the key to the solution. What you and every American could do to help is: stop buying Products made in China. This action would cool their economy and relax the need for energy resources and would cause them to rethink their foriegn policy concerning Darfur.
Click Here For More Info


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