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"A Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith"


Statement of Apostolic Policy

You are cordially invited to Apostolic Ministries of America "A Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith", regardless of race, creed, color or place of national origin. We ask however, that you abide by our Apostolic rules and the women have head covering and not wear pants, while attending church services and functions at our locations.


For all of those who are interest in becoming members of Apostolic Ministries of America, let me say that being Apostolic Pentecostal simply means that we practice our faith the same way the Apostles did and as it is written and established in the book of Acts. The Church of the New Testament has not changed in 2000 years nor will it ever change in regards to your salvation. whatever was true on the day of Pentecost is still true today. As people were filled with the Holy Ghost on the day of pentecost, in the upper room 2000 years ago, so are they still being filled today and are still being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, as Peter commanded in Acts 2:38.

"and whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." Colossians 3:17.

Just as the Apostles proclaimed and believed in one God and not three, so do we. "And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord" Mark 12:29.

"And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of the angles, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory." Timothy 3;16.

Requirements for Membership

As it were on the day of Pentecost, when men "became pricked in their hearts, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?" Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call; ( Acts 2:37-39) so is it still today. I am very happy to declare unto you that membership requirement for the Apostolic Church has not changed in 200 years.

We read in the Book of Acts Ch. 2 that they that gladly received his word was baptized "And they continued steadfastly in the Apostles' Doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. And all that believed were together, and had all things in common. My dear friend, let me say that the requirements for membership into God's Church remain the same today as they were on the day of Pentecost:

Water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins.

Receiving of the gift of the Holy Ghost (God's Holy Spirit may fall upon an individual at any time; before, during,or after water baptism, or sometimes much later, after water baptism.)

And steadfastly, continuing in the Apostles Doctrine.

My dear readers if you will just meet these three conditions you shall receive salvation by Jesus Christ and you shall have a seat on that train, whose Engineer has permission from on High to drive it right into the midst of the Paradise of God, where therein is found the Tree of Life and your rights to it already written in the Book of Life.

All membership information and requirements are found on this web-site.

We have attempted to include any and all pertinent information about ourselves, Who We Are; The complete Apostolic Doctrine which we subscribe to; All Rules, By-Laws, and Regulations/ of our church and its general assembly; And all Ceremonial Procedures of the Church. We have made all this information available up front so that you, our future members and supporters will know everything that there is to know about Apostolic Ministries of America before rather than after you become a member and/or supporter of our efforts in making known God's Plan of Salvation to the Whole Wide World.

Cyber-Church Members vs Regular-Church Members.

Cyber members or regular members are all one and the same, there are no differences in respect to how one should serve God. We all must serve him based upon our faith and our willingness to keep his commandments. Each and every member must make a commitment to abide by the Apostolic Doctrine as stated herein; all rules and by-laws; and follow all of the ceremonial procedures as they continue to grow day by day in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In any local geographical areas where cyber-membership grows to where the level of support is sufficient to establish a Church Building, it will become the responsibility of the General Elder and The Director of Operations to make it happen, in as much as they will be led by directions from the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Cyber Supporter vs Cyber/Regular Membership:

We do, indeed, with pleasure acknowledge all of the support we are getting and will continue to get from the many individuals in cyber-land. These supporters are those who have examine and read our material, recognizing that it is the manifest power of God, calling for all men and women in these last days to step forward and reach for their salvation and their family's. We greatly appreciate these supporters of our ministry and list them with our members in acknowledgements, prayer, praise and Apostolic person of the Month. Those who do not meet all of the requirements of Membership are encouraged to do so with a most urgent effort. And where water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ is a missing requirement; the General Elder and/or State Elder will make all the necessary arrangements for anyone, anywhere to be baptized with water in the name of Jesus Christ, upon their request.

Cyber-Church and Regular Church members are all of our members who meet all of the requirements of this Body and are actively providing support based upon their calling and their obligations as mandated by the word of God. It is with these members, and the members of the many other Apostolic Movements around the world, that God is using to re-establish in the hearts of men his one and only plan of Salvation. We pray daily that all of our wonderful supporters will become members-in-full of Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc., and in doing so will let God use them in miraculous ways and bless them with blessings that are unknown to the natural man.


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E-mail Membership Application

To request MEMBERSHIP please fill out the following information and press the SUBMIT button

e-mail add.
home phone

Membership Applications may be copied and submitted by Mail to:

Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc.
Att. Membership Committee
Post Office Drawer 39
Titusville,FL 32781-0039

And the Lord came down upon mount Si'-nai, on the top of the mount....

Remember, when submitting your application for membership, don't forget to e-mail your praise and testimony reports for posting so others might read of the wonderful things that God is doing for you and your family.

And mount Si'-nai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord dscended upon it in fire: and the smoke there of ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.

Information about joining the AMA Prayer Team:

Terms and Conditions

Each individual joining the prayer team agrees to pray regularly for the prayer requests that are submitted to the AMAPN
You need to be Apostolic to join the prayer team. Make sure that you are in agreement with the Apostolic Doctrine as outlined within this web site.

Once you have joined the prayer team, you agree that when sending any email to , it shall be for prayer request only. Also when sending any email to it shall be praise reports only. You further agree that you will never use either of these e-mail addresses for the purpose of any other type of solicitation

As a member of the AMA prayer team you agree to show the highest respect for those submitting prayer requests or praise reports. In other words, this means that you will not use their e-mail addresses for the purpose of any type of solicitation, and that there will be no distribution of their e-mail addresses on your part.

After you have been accepted as a member of the prayer team, and if there are questions at any time directly relating to the AMA prayer team, of if you need to make any changes as a prayer team member, you agree to use the e-mail address for any such correspondence, and you agree to never use the or e-mail addresses for any such purposes.

General Information

After your e-mail address has been placed on the AMAPN mailing list copies of the same unedited e-mail prayer request which we receive, will automatically be sent to you also.

You will not be required to reply to any of the prayer requests that are sent to; however, if you so personally desire to respond to any of the e-mail you may do so. Also, remember that no one will ever be able to obtain your e-mail address from Apostolic Ministries of of America, but if you respond on your own, then they will have your address

If you decide to become a member of the AMAPN Team you should be prepared to deal with a large volume of e-mail. Therefore you need to be sure that you will be able to deal with the large volume of e-mail which will be coming to you. Perhaps as much as 50 e-mail a week or more. If you are already getting a large volume of e-mail it is possible that there could be so confusion when the two are mixed together. Many of the Prayer Team members will set up a separate e-mail account just to handle the prayer request that they receive through AMAPN.

Should it be your desire to join the AMAPN prayer team, after you have read all of the information on this subject; then please be kind enough to send an e-mail to; and enter "Join AMA prayer team" as the subject..

Include all the following information

Tell us that you want to join the AMAPN prayer team.

State that you have read the terms and conditions for joining the AMAPN prayer team and that you are in agreement with them.

State that you have read our Apostolic Doctrine and that you are Apostolic as outlined in these pages.

State that you read all of the information about joining the AMAPN prayer team and that you fully understand it.

When e-mail is sent to us from you asking to join the AMAPN prayer team, please be sure to include the information that we ask for; and make sure that the information is exactly as we asked for it.. Should you fail to do this, we will not add you to the Prayer Team. You will receive an response from us stating that you did not provide us with all of the requested information, that we asked for; and for this reason your request to join the Prayer Team is denied. Therefore, make sure that you follow all of the information.

If everything is in order once we receive your e-mail, we will send you a test e-mail just to verify that our mail system is able to deliver to your e-mail address without any problems. After you receive this test, reply to it saying you received the e-mail and we will then place your e-mail address in the main AMAPN prayer team mailing list.

We at AMA will not ignore anyone at any time, After being added to our main Prayer Team mailing list and you fail to receive a response from us within 10 days, then, it is because we were not able to send e-mail to your e-mail address. We will always try all possible options, if we have trouble sending you e-mail. This will include attempting to send you e-mail using the source of your e-mail, which will be taken from the "from" and "reply to sections. Should you include a different e-mail address in your request to join the prayer team AMA will also try to communicate with you, using that address.

Becoming An AMA Member

Of course, should you wish to become a member of the AMA prayer network, it would necessitate you becoming a member of AMA in general That is you must endorse our doctrine and ceremonial procedures, along with all by-laws, rules and regulations. This enables our entire prayer team to be on one accord, that our prayers be not hindered, as we go before God and ask for his ever enduring mercy. Requirements for AMA membership are outlined in the membership pages of this web site.


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