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Norwood Aveneu Temple Pastor
Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker
Elder Charles Ford Walker
AMA's Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker is the acting Sr. Pastor at the Norwood avenue Temple, located at 1422 Norwood Avenue, Titusville, Florida USA.. In as much as the Norwood Avenue Temple is the official Mother Church and Temporary Headquaters of Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc; the Elder selected to fill this vacancy must be capable of functioning in more than one capacity. In addition to his pastorship over the Norwood Saints; he must also serve as Chief of Staff to AMA's Chief Elder and President of the Conference of Elders of AMA. In the absence of AMA's Chief Elder the Norwood Avenue Pastor will serve in that capacity.

AMA Operations Director

AMA Information Minister

Administration Minister

Norwood Church Minister

Norwood Music Minister

AMA Chief of Staff Minister
Elder Named Soon
As AMA's Chief Elder Travels from church to church and from city to city it is essential that of those who are working in the AMA ministries with him, one must not only have an excellent knowledge of the word of god and scriptural understanding; but also great expertise in the science of logistics; planning, coordinating and directing the other ministers and missionaries who are in assistance to AMA's Chief Elder during visitations and crusades.

AMA Ordained Minister @ Norwood
Elder Named Soon
The Norwood Avenue Ordained Minister is the Elder assigned to the Norwood Avenue Temple to assist the Pastor in all services and to minister to the saints of God. His responsibilities also includes Director of all Youth Ministries at AMA and is in charge of youth developments. The Norwood Avenue Ordained Minister is responsible for AMA Security, including travel and civil management. He also is the number two official scripture reader for Chief Elder Walker and is prepared by Elder Walker for Organizational Leadership

AMA Ordained Missionary

Norwood Church Mother
Mother Mary Tyson Walker

Mother Mary T. Walker
Mother Mary Tyson Walker is recognized as our senior Norwwood Avenue Church Mother and is the spouse of Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker and a business administrator in Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc. Mother Walker is a delligient worker in the church at Norwood and assists in AMA productions, radio programing and logistics; always willing to do those things that others forget or will not do and Mother Walker will not settle for any effort less than 100%. A devout believer in the Apostolic Doctrine and a homemaker; she travels with Chief Elder Walker as he brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations of the world.

AMA Church Counselor
To Be Named Soon
This individual is Recognized as the Norwood Avenue Church Counselor and provides support and counsel to the assembly and also to other local assemblies and individuals who are in need of counsel. Their efforts are well coordinated with those of Chief Elder Walker to always ensure that the recipients are always receiving materials, information and support per the True Word of God, according to the Apostles' Doctrine. This office holder must be the owner of multiple degrees; including Masters in Business Administration and Church Counseling.

AMA's Senior Lay Elder @ Norwood
To Be Named Soon

Norwood Events Coordinator

AMA Security & Civil Operations
Elder To Be Named Soon

Audio/Video Engineer
Engineer Named Soon

AMA Broadcast Engineer

AMA Production Engineer
Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker

Elder Charles Ford Walker
Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker An Engineer by occupation is performing as AMA's Production Engineer until this position is filled.

Norwood Webmaster

AMA Property Management

All properties owned by Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc; including the Norwood Avenue Temple are managed and maintained by AMA. The Senior Deacon of each Local Assembly is the local Property Manager


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