Saints of God, let it be known to you that Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc. are under attack from the enemy and this ungodly and perverse enemy is trying to destroy AMA and the good and holy name that it has among the brethren and among those who visit our website. This enemy is without a doubt those who wish to list their gambling and pornography links on the AMA interactive pages to get free advertising of their ungodly and abominable activities and services on a # 1 Rated website where many people from around the world visit often for information about their salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. Since they cannot have their way, they have taken advantage of a glitch in Microsoft's Outlook Express Mail System and lifted all of the addresses on file and are sending email to all those addresses in the name of all here at AMA; thus making it appear that the email is from someone at AMA. They are sending contaminated files with virus attachments and links to gambling and pornographic websites which also may be contaminated with virus. We at AMA do not send email to anyone with attachments and if your receive email with an attachment it is not from AMA and we encourage you not to open it, but delete it from your files.

Now the enemy have done serious wrong to AMA and we shall declare it spiritual warfare and will use all that God has give us to deal with this wrong; inflicted upon us by the ungodly and wicked low life. We will pray and command in the name of God that the destruction they are trying to bring upon AMA will be upon them. We will pray and command the Wrath of God upon their very ways and that destruction will be quick and sure. I do know that God will protect AMA and I know that He will destroy all of them and all that are theirs, who try to do wrong to us without a cause. Let the enemy of God and AMA be destroyed this day without delay.

Remember AMA will never write or email you unless you have written to us first and we will never ask you for a contribution or a donation unless you have already offered to give one. Please report any email that is not ours to AMA and to the proper authorities in as much as this is a crime according to the laws of this Great Land (USA).

Feel free to continue to write and post your thoughts on our webpages as we have corrected the problem with our email. Also write to your Congressman concerning the wrong these people are doing to this great Internet System. Please be brave and give us your support against this unkind enemy.

Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker