Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc.
Application For License/Ordination .
1422 Norwood Avenue
Titusville, FL 32796-2749
Please print or type. It is important to complete all information.
Last Name ________________ First _______________ Middle _____________Sex _____
Street Address ________________ City_______________ State____ Zip ______________
Home Phone__________________ Office Phone_______________ Fax ______________ Birth___-___-___
SS Number ___/___/____/ Church Membership ____________________ Pastor___________________________
Pastor's Phone____________________________ Pastor's Address_________________ City______________
State_____ Zip_______ Total Years of Christian Service ______
Highest Academic Level Achieved ____________
I respectfully apply for the following consideration: 1. ____Ministerial license 2. ____Ordination.
(You must hold a ministerial license before applying for ordination)
Do you presently hold Ministerial credential(s)? _____ Type _________________________
Name of the issuing organization_______________________ Date of issue____________
Are you presently active with that organization? ______ (if "no," attach an sheet of explanation).

Check List:
1. ____ I have attached a statement of ministry experience.
2. ____ I have attached ____ letters of recommendation (minimum of 2).
3. ____ I have attached a statement explaining why I should be granted the above consideration.
4. ____ I have enclosed all fees to cover the cost of this request
5. ____ I have enclosed $ ______ for the consideration above (See instructions).
6. ____ I have read and I understand the contents of AMA publications on Obtaining a Ministerial License or Ordination.
7. ____ I have enclosed a color photograph of myself (Unless on file at AMA)(passport size).

By signing below I affirm and acknowledge...

...that I will uphold the standards of the KJV Holy Bible which is the only and true source of divinely written oracles of God.
...that I will be true to the Christian faith according to the Apostles' Doctrine.
...that I will be true to the calling in which our Lord God has entrusted me.
...that I will study to shew myself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
...that I will endeavor to live a life before God and man that is exemplary of Christian service and duty and in keeping of the Apostles Doctrine.
. ...that I will endeavor to live a life that will not bring reproach to Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc; nor to any of AMA's Affiliated Organizations.
...that I freely give permission to AMA to conduct an Individual Background Check or other investigations as AMA deems necessary and are according to the word of God.
...that the laws of all the sovereign States of USA shall apply.
...that I will voluntarily surrender any certificate, license or ordination issued by AMA if I violate any of the above affirmations.

Signature ________________________ Date: _______-________-________

This application must be completed and signed before it will be processed. Do not leave blank spaces. If you have questions, call.
(For AMA use only)

Approved:______ Denied: ______
By:________________________________________________ Date__________________
FORM: AMA-ORD-0001 REV. June 12, 2017