Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc.

"A Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith"




Section 1. Each annual session of this Body shall be designated and called the General Assembly of Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc. (A Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith)

Section 2. The officers thereof shall consist of a General Elder, a General Secretary, and a Director of Operations; and other officers as the General Assembly shall elect.


Section 1. The General Elder (Overseer) as President of the Board of trustees shall have the power to arrange for the registration of this corporation in all the states of the United States in which there shall be a church home, or shall arrange to incorporate anew in any of the states or possessions of the United States, or any foreign country.

Section 2. Elder Charles Ford Walker shall have blanket authority to conduct all negotiations and closings, in new purchase or sale of any property, real or personal, to be acquired or disposed of by the General Assembly. The title to any real or personal property is to be acquired in the name of the Trustees of the General Assembly, unless varied by action of a majority of the Board of Trustees. Title to any real or personal property is to be disposed of in like manner.


All motions of importance and resolutions shall be in writing and signed by the moving party and shall be determined at the time of such submission, or on a day and hour hereafter to be fixed by he General Assembly; or may be referred to a committee for action and report thereon.


Voting on matters before the General Assembly shall be by the uplifted hand and in case of doubt the presiding officer or and male member may call for the ays and nays, which shall be recorded by the General Secretary, a majority of those present and voting shall determine such matters voted on except the case of the election of officers as herein provided.


Section 1. Ministers desiring to hold credentials with this Body shall have the one baptism, as prescribed in Acts 2;4, 2:38; 10:44-48; 19:1-6, and believe, teach and preach the same, and shall have prescribed to such baptism for at least one year.

Section 2. He must be able to read and write.

Section 3. He must be able to conduct a religious service when necessary.

Section 4. He must be able to officiate at a Marriage Ceremony, Funeral Service, and the Lord's Supper.

Section 5. Any person desiring to be licensed as a worker in this Body, may obtain such license by complying with following requirements: (a) Must have the one baptism as set forth above. (b) Believe the same. (c) Must have had some fruits of the Spirit in their lives. (d) Must have a letter of recommendation from his (or her) home assembly, wherein he (or she) has been working showing fitness and ability. (e) Shall present such letter, with application to the General Secretary, who shall thereupon issue licences to such worker; The General Secretary shall submit such letter to the General Elder (Overseer).

Section 6. A written recommendation is required from the State Elder over the state in which the minister lives when applying for his first papers with this Body. Such a letter shall be sent with the application.

Section 7. Any minister holding credentials with this body who may be charged with sin by two or three witnesses, shall be tried by a committee made up of the General Elder, State Elder and another man of good report among the saints. If found guilty, his credentials shall be taken.. If no repentance follows, he shall be silenced. If the judgment of the trial committee be to the reverse, the accused shall receive his credentials again and be exonerated before the saints.

Section 8. No minister or missionary shall be allowed to hold credentials with this Body who teaches against any of the doctrine of Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc


Ordination may be had and given by the consent of the general Overseer or with the assistance of whoever he may appoint.


The General assembly when in session may fill any vacancy in office occasioned by death, resignation or removal.


Any person offering a resolution or motion may open and close the debate thereon; and such person may take no more than twenty minutes if time on any motion, resolution, or question unless special permission is given for such purpose.


The Headquarters of Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc. Shall be located in East Central, Florida . However, a general session of the Body may be held in any other city of the United States or foreign country ; should it be so decided by the General Assembly.


Cushing's manual of Rules of Order shall be referred to for decision and acceptance, whenever consistent with the Holy Ghost and with the Body.


These Rules, By-Laws and Regulation may be amended at any session of the General Assembly, providing that such proposed amendment is submitted in writing on the day prior to action thereon.


The Elders and Licentiates shall be subject to the State Elder, and in case of insubordination and grievous discord, shall be tried by a committee. When an appeal is taken from the decision of the State Elder, said committee shall be made up of the General Elder, State Elder and another man of good report among the Saints.


In case of a majority complaint against a pastor for his removal, the General Assembly, through the Executive Council, shall investigate such complaint, and if no violation; of doctrine, rule, regulation or moral law, is found said Council shall maintain and confirm the pastor in office as long as he desires or lives.

And mount Si'nai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire


1. Be it resolved that all churches established by the assistance of the General Assembly Shall be under the control of said body so far as church property is concerned.

2. Be it further resolved that all churches in this Body must report to their State or District Overseer on their activities and he in turn must send his report along with the church's once a month to the editor of The True Word for publication

3. Be it resolved that where ever there are a total of three or more churches in any state, a State Convention may be held if circumstances warrant it, however, any such State Convention shall not be held within thirty days proceeding the General Assembly.

4. Be it resolved that in order to raise the dignity of the State Eldership, each State Elder shall give a complete report to the Convention of his activities toward fulfilling the dignity of his lofty and most exalted station, and should he fail to do a reasonable amount of work, that State Elder is not eligible for re-appointment the following year.

5. Be it resolved that the General Overseer be empowered to appoint all State Elders in all sessions.

6. Be it resolved that all doctrinal controversies shall come before the General Assembly for consideration and final consideration and final settlement as recorded in Acts 15th. Chapter.

7. Be it resolved that no minister or Elder shall perform a ceremony of joining one filled with the Holy Spirit to one who has not been filled.

8. Be it resolved that all ministers shall require parties seeking to be joined in matrimony by them to give solemn word as to whether they have been married before, and if they have, to state whether the former companion still lives.

9. Be it resolved further, that no minister or Elder of Apostolic Ministries Of America, shall perform the ceremony of marriage by joining any person whose former companion still lives.

10. Be it resolved that any person maintaining credentials of this Body, who is found having erred and will not receive correction, shall be deprived of his credentials.

11. Be it resolved that no licensed minister be allowed, of his own will, to leave his assembly without being first recommended by same. And sent forth in order on general missionary work.

12. Be it resolved further, that all ministers, missionaries and churches whose names are recorded in the minute book, do subscribe and certify thereby, that they are in the Apostolic Ministries of America, "A Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith", and promise to be governed and abide by all Rules, By-laws, and Doctrines of the general Assembly of the Apostolic Ministries of America.

13. Be it resolved that ministers in charge of missions shall not be addressed as pastors until they have become an ordained Elder.

14. Be it resolved that no Assembly will be recognized if is found influencing the members of another assembly of the Apostolic Ministries of America to establish another work.

15. Be it resolved that all Elders and Licentiates in each church within any given state, pay their tithes to t the pastor of the church to which they belong.

16. Be it resolved that no credentials without renewal of Fellowship Certificates each annual session will be recognized.

17. Be it resolved that Communion Service be uniformly conducted.

18. Be it resolved that all Saints pay their tithing as commanded in Malachi 3:8-10.

19. Be it resolved that all churches and auxiliary functions of this Body are to report in each convention.

20. Be it resolved that The True Word is established as the official church organ, and that Elder Charles Ford Walker be Editor-in Chief.

(a) There is to be a censure board for this news magazine and shall approve its materials

(b) All printed matter intended for this news magazine, written by anyone of this body shall be sent to the Board of Censures at Headquarters.


For All Men and Women Engaged in Auxiliary, Missionary or Extension Work


1. All Rights and privileges are extended to all members in the auxiliary

2. All shall have an equal interest in the successful issues of the deliberations; and equal responsibility in maintaining order, and furthering the business of their group.

3. Strict attention shall be given to all proceedings.

4. All unnecessary noise and members engaging in conversations shall not take place.

5. Remarks that are discourteous, do not belong to God's Saints and shall not be tolerated or indulged in.

6. When standing to speak, all members shall show respect to the presiding officer, by calling their name.

7. The person speaking, should be temperate and courteous and their remarks should be confined to subject(s) under discussion.

8. Let each one thus resolve to:
(a) never let any acts of disobedience be charged against you.

(b) Be well acquainted with rules and regulations.

(c) Magnify your own office.

(d) Obey all those that have rule over you.

(e) Humble yourself, avoid ignorance, and receive instructions from qualified instructors.

(f) In all tasks assigned to you, do well. In doing so you will have a good report from those over you

9. Thank and praise God for giving you understanding, strength, and knowledge to perform your duty.

Regulations of Business Meetings of All Auxiliaries:

1. All members should strive to be present at the appointed meeting time.

2. Meetings are called together by the presiding officer who opens the meeting with prayer, individually, or may be joined in prayer by the entire body.

3. If so desired, singing praises are in order.

4. With as little delay as possible, the convening body should proceed directly into their business session.

5. Reading of minutes of last meeting

(a) Minutes approved and received with corrections, if any.

(b) Make sure corrections are made so records will always be authentic.

6. Financial roll call; dues or offering is raised as names are called

7. Unfinished business:

(a) Any proposals or plans which were not discussed completely in the last meeting.

8. Committees' report

9. New business; may be proposed by any member or any committee chairman.

10. Extend call for new members.

11. Financial secretaries shall record all money taken in or paid out, keeping all records balanced.

12. All treasures are drained at end of each month unless permission for special conditions are given by Overseer.

13. Financial reports are completed at the end of each month and sent to Headquarters with check of money order made payable to Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc.

14. Correct date and month indicated must be put on all reports.

15. The address of the secretary or president should always be added to the monthly reports, for the convenience of returning receipts for funds sent .

16. Whenever it is not convenience for any officer to be present at their meeting he or she shall notify their assistant who shall be prepared to act in their place.


Be it known that the purpose of the auxiliaries established by Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc., is to bring together all of the ministering members of the church in order that they might take a more active part and interest in the furthering of the Gospel, as it is preached by the AMA Elders. Auxiliaries are further established to support the building up of the Apostolic Doctrine and Apostolic Standards for the world to observe; and that we might obtain help from God through prayer to support the ministers of AMA in carrying out the great work of saving of souls. AMA shall establish and encourage the following auxiliaries:

  • Preachers and Deacons Auxiliary
  • Field Workers
  • The Brotherhood Organization/Men's Auxiliary
  • Young People's Organization
  • The Missionary Auxiliary
  • Women's Auxiliary

Additional information on how to organize and the rules and regulations set forth for all AMA Auxiliaries can be obtained by contacting the General Overseer or the General Secretary of AMA.


Every church shall have a Beneficiary Fund in case of an emergency. Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc. are not insuring the people , but shall maintain a fund that all Saints pay into, so there will be funds in case one falls asleep and has no other means of burial, or in dire need. The need is judged by the officers of the beneficiary.

None of the Saints should give up their insurances, looking for the church to bury them. They should never tell their unsaved relatives that the church will be responsible. If you do not have enough faith to look away from everything and look to God, then you should by all means keep your insurance. You (Saint) should not have your unsaved companion or unsaved children to drop insurances. The church will not entangle itself with the unsaved.

In cases where Saints die who have unsaved relatives who will step in and do what they wish to do, creating large funeral expenses, and expecting the church to pay for it; We will not be responsible. Any Saint or person we feel to bury or to help after we have searched the case to find out that there are no other means of financing, we will do according to our own discretion.

The rules to govern this beneficiary may be obtained from headquarters.

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