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The Apostolic Minister

You can freely ask him about the wonderful works that God is doing through him; but, his answer will be so imbedded with the Spirit of God until you just might not fully understand if you are thinking conventionally. The Apostolic Minister will tell you that is the best answer that he can come up with, and when God is finished getting the job done he will have a better answer. In the meantime he is encouraging everyone to get a board the train and witness the salvation of the Lord; for this train is truly bound for Glory.........................(Cont. Page 4)

This web page is destined to become our Apostolic Newspaper. Within the next several week we are requesting that all Saints out there in cyber land send us information regarding what they would like to see in their very own cyber-newspaper. send all e-mail to The True Word editor

For anyone wishing to submit information to the cyber newspaper; Its easy, just click onFORM fill it out completely and submit, we will take care of the rest


The True Word: December 1999 llllllllllllllllllllllY2K

The Apostolic Minister

The y2k bug is predicted by many to be the worst and the most damaging of anything since our existence on earth. Many people from all walks of life have become convenience that come 12:00:01 AM January 1st 2000 their plumbing will stop working, phone lines will go deaf, power lines will go dead, and even airplanes will begin to fall out of the sky. I don't know about these belivers and am not concerned about their convictions; but I do wonder where in the world have they been for the last half of this 20th century? Just let me remind this gloom and doom group of believers who not only are ignorant of the future but also ignorant of the past. Just a few facts to chew on until 12:00:01 and to see how stupid we look to others when we refuse to use our heads. The office building where I work everyday when I don't have more important things to do, have had its plumbing disrupted for, I don't remember how many months. And when Floyd came through dumping a yard of rain in the process everybodys plumbing stop working, except mine and a few others who live on high ground. Since Caesar made a jig-saw puzzle out of Ma Bell, my five phones never all work at the same time. They have a nasty habit of playing dead when I am in the middle of uploading a 10 mega byte sermon to my web site. Sometimes I get angry enough to see y2k, not to mention the expense of keeping 5 phone lines just to make sure that one might work when I need it. Sister Mary and I have lived in our neighborhood for almost 23 years.


God has blessed our home so much, until I don't dare lay my head down anywhere else. We love it here , in spite of that neighbor who refuses to cut his lawn like everyone else. But, there is one thing that happens in my neighborhood every Sabbath for a long as I can remember. The electrical power goes off just like clock work. I had to purchase a big power supply (UPS) before I could finish my web site, since Sabbaths were the only days I had to work on it. If we should get another Hurricane Andrew, God's Saints will probably be walking around the Throne before FP & L gets the electrical power restored. Now, let us look at the airplane

New York:
Dec 10 (Bloomberg)

Consumers expect to spend an additional $14 billion stocking up on food, water, light sources and other items related to Year 2000 glitches, adding to the rush of holiday shopping this year, economists said.
A third of the expected spending to prepare for Y2K-related disruptions occurred earlier in the year, another third was predicted to take place just before the December rush and consumers were expected to spend the final third in December, according to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
``In the short run, Y2K is a big opportunity,'' said Carl Steidtmann, chief retail economist at PricewaterhouseCoopers. ``An additional $4 billion to $5 billion in spending, even in December, will add a nice boost to a lot of food, home improvement and general merchandisers' bottom lines'


problem everyone is so worked up about. Every since God gave the Wright Brothers the secret of air flight, due to man's ineptness AIRPLANES HAVE BEEN FALLING OUT OF THE SKY. Oh how I wish that we would not have lost an airplane until y2k. The nations airline companies are poor managers they are not crazy. There is no way TWA or Delta or any other airline will send up a $200 million plane on Jan. 1, if there is even a most remote probability of it falling out of the sky.
We should never assume anything, without considering the probability factor(s), including all of the Y2K hype that you have been reading about daily for the past 4 years. As far as God's Saints are concerned it does not matter how Y2K manifest itself on January 1st. at 12:00:01. If there is total disruption of our ways of life, even on a cataclysmic level; or if on that day it is business as usual; God's Saints have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear as the Y2k panic only supports the fact that we are living in the last days of this dispensation. And saints, let me close this article on the serious side by revealing what the Spirit of God has to say. Apostle Paul in his 2nd letter to the Thessalonians wrote to the saints;"......That you be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" No! Saints, by the word of God the world shall not end on January 1, 2000. Sorry, saints but you are going to have to wait just a little while longer.


The True Word: December 1999 llllllllllllllllllllllllApostolic NEWS

Cyber Church cont.

The True Word web site is just now finding its way into the major search engines and traffic is expected to increase ten fold within the next few weeks. However, the majority of our visitors have indicated that they will make the cyber church web page one of their favorite places to visit. As the demand for the page's contents increase AMA will continue to add more and the size of the cyber church web page will ultimately grow to as much as 500MB.
The True Word Cyber Church will offer sermons and teachings of independent apostolic ministers from around the world and will have live audio and video webcasting from many of the nations independent apostolic churches beginning early 2000. The Apostolic Minister and General Overseer of AMA has assured the Saints of God that the Cyber Church will always deliver only the true word of God as it was preached by the Apostles of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. There will be no compromise and web page content will not be subject to debate; as there is not another gospel.
Eventhough our position is firm on the oneness of the gospel and godhead we encourage all of our members and supporters to read our statement of importance in our doctrine web page.


The Cyber Church's mission is and always will be to support the Saints of God and His Elect. who ever they are and wherever they may be; for this we do know, that the just shall live by faith. We are encouraging all saints to use the cyber church to carry their voices to the ends of the world; by submitting their Prayers and Praises in audio format to AMA for publication. We want to give you the opportunity to tell the world, what wonderful things God is doing in your life and the lives of your loveones. So get out your recorder and the next time you are in the spirit, record it and send it to the Apostolic Minister and he will make it a part of our cyber church services.
We will continue to thank God for our cyber church, for the chance it has been given to bring to you His true word.

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The organization used for this selection in 1999 has been removed at the request of their leadership.


The True Word: December 1999 llllllllllllllllllllllllApostolic NEWS

train.JPG - 75229 Bytes

And believe me as this train navigates the www internet rails it is picking up more and more passengers of whom we pray will remain aboard until this traim reaches it final destination, The Paradise of God. The Apostolic Minister, as he moves about in many directions getting this job done, is humbled by the fact that so many of the passengers are not only buying tickets but are helping to add cars to the train. For this he is forever grateful to all of you who are supporting this ministry.
As he receives letters and e-mail from around the world praising our wonderful True Word Wev Site he becomes more and more dedicated to getting this job done. So, to all of you out there in cyberland who are wishing us well and praying for us; just keep up the good work, and we will continue to lay the rail, choo-chooing through the land with our eyes upon the rail and our hand on the throttle. And praying that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the only wise God will be with you and with us until He comes again.

of the


A Personal Outstanding Sanctified Testimony Of Life In Christ

AMA's Person of the Month selection for this month will not be made. January 2000 is the new target date for this selection process to begin. The Apostolic Minister wishes to give more Saints the opportunity to be selected as AMA POM, and is asking the Saints to send in their testimonies and praises for posting on the praise web page. This will allow the selection committee to select more than one person each month and also give more Saints the chance of being selected. Hurry and send in those praises.

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance...ACTS 2:1-4.

The True Word: December 1999 lllllllllllllllllInsight APOSTOLIC TRADITION

violin_boy.JPG - 35337 Bytes

Marriage in true apostolic christian tradition is a partnership of three: a man, a woman , and God. The very word for marriage in Hebrew, Kiddushin (Holiness) underscores the sacredness ol the marriage relationship.It is with this understanding, that the Apostolic Home is established.
The Apostolic home should be worthy of the traditional designation mikdash me'at-a miniature sanctuary. As it is the Apostolic home, along with the Church, that has preserved the traditions and values of true Apostolic Christianity.

Only when the fanily submitts itself to God and to His Apostolic teachings (Doctrine) can the basis for proper educating of the children be established. Education, to the Apostolic Family means more than teaching a child reading, writing, and arithmetic. It means fulfilling the Holy Bible's injunction to teach God's ways diligently: "Teach them faithfully to your children; speak of them in your home and on your way, when you lie down and when you rise up." The Apostolic Family should always be a part of the church, with the parents giving time and thought to the religious education of their children.

In the raising of childdren of the Apostolic Faith, responsibility is shared by the family and the community. It is up to the family to provide the child with the proper atmosphere for both physical and spiritual growth, and it is up to the community to provide the institutions and the personnel for formal education acheivements.


The mitzvahs of educating children of Apostolic Parents are:

* Providing children with proper Apostolic models by living ethically, setting aside time for family prayer and study.

* Bringing Apostolic books and writings into the home.

* Enrolling children when possible, in a religious school early in life.

* Participating in church activities and special services which are an essential part of spiritual education.

* Encouraging children to study the KJV Holy Bible and to think of it as the only sacred document offering salvation to God's elect.

* Enrolling children in church sponsord summer-camp programs.

.* Continuing to set aside time for spiritual study throughout life.

"Coming Together"


2000 Theme

The True Word: December 1999 lllllllllllllllllEvents APOSTOLIC TRADITION


An AMA Project 2000 Event

"Coming Together at the River"

More Information will be forthcoming on this Great Apostolic Event, being planned for AUTUMN 2000 on the banks of the world famous INDIAN RIVER, in East Central Florida.
Apostolic Leaders and Church Groups from around the nation will be COMING TOGETHER at the Gateway to the Universe (Space Coast USA) to PRAISE our LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST and to witness the MIRACLES our GOD is working in the Church Today.
This will be one of the Greatest Apostolic Gathering of our time and will take place at the end of our century and at a time when God is bringing His elect together on one accord, and getting His Church ready for His Coming.
Start making plans now to attend this great event. For Information
Call 407-383-3020 or E-mail


Join the AMA Prayer Network and become a part of the great
"coming together"

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Apostolic Singles

Within the coming week we will be adding our own web site for Apostolic Singles who wish to communicate with each other from around the world. The site will be set-up with its own singles chat room and will be available to Apostolic Singles. Singles are considered those individuals who have never been married and those who have been married but their sopuse no longer lives. This site will be on line as soon as we are able to determine adequate site use by singles. Send us your e-mail to let us know that you are intrest.

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