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"............ And unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation." (Hebrews 9:28)."
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VOLUME 17 NO. 01---------------------------------------NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR AMA MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS---------------------------------------JANUARY 2016
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Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be
displayed because of the truth . Selah
Psa 60:4


Bishop Walker's
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But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exhalted above the hills; and people shall flow into it.


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The Personal Monthly Newsletter of Bishop Charles Ford Walker



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Bishop Walker's 2016 events are not entered in any chronological order nor is the author stating which events will happen first of if they should happen at all; but only that at sometime during the next 12 to 24 months the events listed, stand a good chance of becoming reality in the world we live in today and will live in tomorrow; impacting all future outcomes; and the lives of most individuals on this planet.

Also if you would like to discuss the probability of these events coming to pass in the year 2016-17, with Bishop Walker please feel free to e-mail him at c.f.walker@apostolic-ministries.net or call him @ 321 383 3020 and he will be more than happy to discuss them with you or answer any questions you generate regarding this news letter. For every Bible Question there is a Bible Answer.
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01 01. Disturbing Weather Patterns For Most All of 2016

The Year 2016-17 weather has already shaped up to become a most dangerous and devastating year in recorded history for Snow Storms, Ice Storms, Wind Storms, Rain Storms, Flooding, Tornadoes, and to come; Hurricanes and Typhoons with the latter being the most devastating and without respect for their own seasons. Days that will be too warm for winter days and days that will be too cool for summer days; yet there they will be in record numbers throughout 2016-2017.

cities-destroyed-movies-23[1].jpg - 60011 Bytes
Do Not Be Deceived: This Can Be Your City, USA

Here are the 2016-17 Takes on Weather Patterns for the United States (Northern Hemisphere) and for most of the world:

1. Properties along the total U.S. Coastline and all the internal Regions will suffer destruction of a magnitude greater than any to this date; And the balance of the world suffering likewise without seasonal moderation, or consideration. The Global weathern patterns for 2016-2017 will refuse to abide by seasonal obedience and will not be constrained by autumn, winter, spring or summer; as we have always known weather patterns to be in subject to. Because of the unusual path of El Nino, climate change will occour in the North America Region and the rest of the world. Regions of the United States will experience record low temperatures during it ususl warm months and record high temperatures during it cold months. Thunder, Lighting, Wind and Rain will manifest themselves as Tornadoes, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Thunder and Lightning for all of 2016-2017. Tornadoes, larger, more powerful and more destructive than any pevious tornado. The ability of the Enhanced Fujita Scale to classsify some of these storms will be likely; greater than an EF-5. Cyclones and Hurricanes will run amok in the Eastern Pacific and all the Atlantic Regions, including the Caribbean Region; Storm raging with destruction for greater than a Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, currently in use. And for the Eastern Pacific; 'Super Typhoon': will take on a new meaning in regards to wind speed...

rainbow_lightning.jpg - 9911 Bytes
Try Not To Be Brave; Just Stay Inside

And lightning and thunder mixed with wind and rain will produce devastating strikes from cloud to ground in some of the electrical storms, with Leaders as wide as 4 inches and brightness of a magnitude to produce Rainbows at Midnight, observable by those who have an eye to see. These storms likewise could produce Sprites up to the edges of space; even to an observable by Space Station. The beginning of the 'end time' climate change that must come upon the whole earth.

weather_tidalwave_001.jpg - 46455 Bytes
East Coast City Flooded By Water

2. All of the world's oceans and seas will average temperatures higher than at any time since the inception of recorded history; higher than 2013 temperatures. This elevated ocean temperature and the elevated ocean tides, resulting from Artic Meltdown caused by 'global warming' and 'El Nino'; will give way to severe flooding and water destruction along the Eastern Coastlines and Lowlands of America and also the lowlands of the World. These conditions will be enhanced by storms, typhoons and hurricanes; even when the storms are just average hurricane strength; like Cat.2's; water and flooding will be everywhere and none will be able to escape from such; except they heed early weather warnings and get out of Dodge Again, water will be the destructive force of these Atlantic Storms as El Nino will be responsible for High Wind Shear, preventing some storms from developing completely as it's latent heat is focused over a much larger area; as wind shear clips away at the top of some storms and they cannot develop into cat 3, 4, and 5 storms. No matter where one lives on this planet water and flooding could be a serious problem for many. And this weather problem will be compounded for certain regions of our USA as a result of it's peoples' sin and transgression. And because of it's bigotry, hate, and intolerance; the regions of Texas, Missouri, Indiana and North Carolina will have weather phenomenals of exponential magnitude with California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida running a close second. The seasons will begin 4 to 5 weeks early and will end 3 to 4 weeks late; as already indicated by the early 2016 winter storms during November, and the warmer than normal days of December

Texas-Tornado-171.jpg - 14814 Bytes
The State of Texas And Missouri Are On Hard Times For All of 2016-17

Tropical Storms To Avoid During 2016

Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Names
Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea





Eastern North Pacific Names (East of 140W)






The balance of the Pacific and Indian Oceans will experience extreme cyclone activity during 2016 with two of the developed cyclones becoming the most powerful cyclones in the history of the world; with pressures exceeding 990 hPa and wind speeds exceeding 225 mph, sustained.

When these storms approach, there will be no time to call 911 or 999/112; just get out of Dodge, take your family and pets with you. For the Northern Hemisphere Atlantic Region; there will be about 13 (thirteen) named storms of which 5 (five) will become hurricames with modest to severe inpact to the land masses. And for the Eastern Pacific Region and other nearby regions they will inherit 21 named storms and 14 will develop into fully grown cyclones.

Texas_storm_170.png - 1600603 Bytes
Texas Storms For 2016-2017

Hurricane_Katrina_August_28_2005.jpg - 24415 Bytes

Enter city or US Zip
Remember in 2016 keep constant
check on your local and national
weather conditions. It could save
your life.

02. What About The Big One In 2016?

last_of_us.jpg - 36797 Bytes
The Last People To Get Out Of 'Dodge', Your City USA 10000

2016 will wittness many factors taking place oupn the earth; which will have indirect effects on old and new, Earthquakes and Volcanoes; even as we enter into 2016, and many will happen without warning in spite of all the attention given in 2016 to them. This might not be any concern to many but it will set the times for the disasters that are to follow and will begin to run parallel to End Time Bible Prophecy. Again, as I have warned for the past two years, Here are the regions to watch: Yellow Stone, Mt. Hood, and the entire San Andreas Region will possibly be in the news; causing one or more major disruptions in water supplies, transportation, environmental impacts and geography. This will not just be the works of nature alone but; will happen as an act of God, fulfilling the scriptures in the Holy Bible.

Memphis Tennessee and/or St Louis Missouri, This Is Your City
If You Are Last To Leave; You Will Be First To Feel The 9.0 Aftershock

For the record: In 2016, the Juan de Fuca Plate will be responsible for much of the seismic activities in that region of the world. However An earthquake of serious magnitude on the Hayward Fault, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay area, is increasingly likely in 2016-17 and should this happen; in that one is overdue on this fault, it would be the most expensive earthquake ever in the United States or even the world; A cost of approximately 1,000 billion dollars or even more. And do not forget the New Madrid seismic zone, located in the Mississippi Valley and surrounding regions. This one is almost sure to go at any time even today..

Earthquake_New-Madrid-Fault.jpg - 87814 Bytes
It's Going To Be Big and Dangerous

earthquake-damage_newmadrid.jpg - 1339403 Bytes
It Could Be Today: Watch and Pray

Likewise in the year of 2016, and continuing into the future another most dangerous place on earth for Earthquakes will be the Caribbean Islands and South America and Asia. This could be the year of awakening for the United States and the rest of the World; with earthquakes in divers places; with the most devastating and powerful ones taking place in the Middle East; a land of turmoil, restiveness and trouble and it are these which will change the relationship between Israel and that part of the world.. This forecast will not change much from year to year; but will become more intense, as man's time is soon to end by the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Mighty God. Get ready people of the world they are coming at you in 2016-17.

Kashmir-Earthquake_008.jpg - 73260 Bytes
Memphis, St Louis, San Francisco; All Could Fare Much Worse Than Kashmir

Even your own 'back yard' could be in danger!, maybe even your own master bedroom. Be careful when you walk about and be on the lookout for earth cracks and sinkholes that are showing up around the major fault zones. Make each of your steps, in the name of Jesus Christ; for you are going to need Him in 2016 and beyond. The voice of God has gone out.

elnino-andrew_001.jpg - 345888 Bytes
Hurricane Andrew Is Placed Here As It Was A Storm Written Off By All Weather Authorities; and The next Day It Came Ashore, South Miami.

hurricane_patricia_001.jpg - 8946 Bytes

The 10 Worst Hurricanes

In Amerocan History

10. Hurricane Charley...2004

9. 1938 Hurricane..LI & NE

8. Superstorm Sandy....2012

7. 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

6. 1928 SE Florida/Lake Okeechobee Hurricane

5. Hurricane Camille..1969

4. Hurricane Andrew...1992

3. 1926 Miami Hurricane

2. 1900 Galveston Hurricane

1. Hurricane Katrina....2005

Every Hurricane Since 1851

Atlantic Basis

875 Hurricanes

286 U.S. Landfalls

33% Chance of Landfall

11 Worst Winter Storms

In US History

11. The Blizzard of 1888 (March 11-12,1888)

10. The Knickerbocker Storm (Jan 27-28, 1922)

9. The Great Midwest Blizzard (Jan 26-27, 1967)

8. The Post Christmas Storm of 1969 (Dec 25-28, 1969)

7. The Blizzard of 1978 (Feb 5-7 1978)

6. The Superstorm of 1993 (March 12-13, 1993)

5. The Blizzard of 1996 (Jan 6-9, 1996)

4. The Blizzard of 2005 (Jan 20-24, 2005)

3. The Post Christmas Storm of 2010 (Dec 25-28, 2010)

2. The Groundhog Day Blizzard (Feb 1-2, 2011)

1. Blizzard In Buffalo (Nov 18-20, 2014)

The Nation's 10

Worst Ice Storms

10. New Year's 1961 (Northern Idaho)

9. January 2000 (Atlanta)

8. New Year's Eve 1978 (North Texas)

7. Christman 2000 (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas)

6. New England 1921

5. Great Ice Storm of 1951 (Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama)

4. Dec 4-5 2002 Ice Storm (North Carolina)

3. Jan. 26-28, 2009 (Arkansas & Kentucky)

2. Feb. 9-13, 1994 (Southern Ice Storm, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama)

1. Jan 5-9, 1988 (New England & Southeast Canada)

The 10 Deadliest US

Tornadoes On Record

1. The Tri-State Tornado, March 18, 1925 (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana)

2. The Natchez Tornado, May 6, 1840 (Mississippi, Louisiana)

3. The St. Louis Tornado, May 27 1896 (Missouri & Illinois)

4. The Tupelo Tornado, April 5, 1936 (Northeastern Mississippi)

5. The Gainesville Tornado, April 6, 1936 (Gainesville, Georgia)

6. The Woodward Tornado, April 9, 1947 (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas)

7. The Joplin Missouri Tornado, May 22, 2011 (Jiplin, Missouri)

8. The Amite/Pine/Purvis Tornado, April 24, 1908 (Mississippi & Louisiana)

9. The New Richmond Tornado, June 12, 1899 (New Richmond Wisconsin)

10. The Flint Tornado, June 8, 1953 (Flint, Michigan)

(The Earth and All of It's Fullness Is Owned By The Lord)
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map_upsidedown.gif - 43507 Bytes

03. Is There Hope For The Middle East? As Israel Prepares For It's Last Major War... 2016

The Middle East part of the world which all nations on earth must have hope for; as continued conflict will prove to be disadvantageous to the whole world and to the Unided States of America as well. And once more in his Administration; this can be the largest mistake made in 2016 by President Obama; continueing to support any Iranian agreements and resolutions Those Iranian agreements will surely cause United States of America to baulk or hold back on supporting major policy required for the preservation of Israel and as punishment from God Almighty (ehyeh-asher-ehyeh) our nation will suffer the wrath of God for a season for refusing to come to the defense of our friend Israel at the appointed time.

As Israel stands, the United States stands and as Israel is allowed to fall; the United States will fall likewise. Watch and witness within 72 hours after the United States of America says no to Israel on this final matter; the wrath of God will be upon this great land. Sad part of this is that: Our leaders and the Obama Administration will not allow this to be a lessons learned and will make the same mistake again before the end of his final term.

Fact # 2: 67 Border Repudiation:

The President of the United States will enter into the year, 2016 on a roll, with most things that matter working in his favor and this will be good for our nation and the world as a whole. God Almighty made America to lead the world in righteousness and morality and never can there be a time when America does not need to lead the rest of the world.

Sometimes things are spoken, which severely inpact this world leadership and must be corrected. Here we have the infamous border speach by President Obama; Middle East Speech, Washington, D.C. May 19, 2011: Here we had the president calling for the Borders of Israel and Palestine to be based upon the 1967 border lines for a two state solution in the Middle East. Now soon into 2016, President Obama, must without any reservations, repudiate his own words, desolve any and all efforts he has made toward that end, and admit to the world that he was in error rgarding this issue. This is best for our nation, Israel, Palestine, and the rest of the world

Here, in the midst of this ongoing Middle East War we find the number one enemy of the Islamic Terrorists composed of all the Islamic world except Jordan, officially disengaged from all the conflict designed to drive it into the sea. However Israel and its government knows that this is only the prelude of the final war, which they will have to fight; the final war for the chosen people of God, who shall always own the victory over evil and the enemy. Not being officially engaged gives the Israeli government, IDF and IAF all the time it needs to prepare itself for the war, which will be nothing short of World War III and the last battles before Armagedon

As a result of the ignominious withdrawal of the fourty year old Golan Heights peacekeeping mission; important buffer zones between the Jewish state of Israel and Islamic jihadi groups who are ideologically compelled to destroy it, no longer exist. And this couppled with the success of ISIS, Humas and Hezbollah and other Islamic jihadis, in conflicts outside Israel will cause the World's Islamic jihadi organizations to greatly underestimate the resolve and strength of Israel; its government, it's people and it's military; against a consolidated unity of the worlds Islamic jihadis. This mistake, will cause the Arab World to unite and declare war against Israel, an old-time people of God. This they will be willingly ingorant of: no nation or group of nations on earth will be equal to Israel as they are forced into their final war. God has prepared them and He is on their side. This final war will be a war where only advanced tactical battlefield weapons will be used to acheive the victory; rather than stragetic nuclear weapons. The most formidable tactical weapons in the universe have been designed by Israel, produced and are operational in the IDF and IAF and no teriorist or jihadi group will ever be able to stand against the IDF/IAF. The tactical weapons include not only gravity bombs and smart bombs; but also short range missiles, artillery shells, land mines, depth charges, torpedoes for anti submartine warfare, surface to air and air to air missiles. Also in this list of high-tech advanced tactical weapons are Special Atomic Demolition Munition and earth penetrating weapons, designed to destroy deep underground labs, factories and production facilities. Listed here are some of the advanced tactical weaponry the state of Israel will utilize against the enemy to execute total aniliation in the day when they are forced into their final war:

1. Merkave IV...........................with it's Trophy active-protection system and the Rheinmetall 120 Millimeter gun

2. Spike Missile Family.............Launched from Apache helicopters, aircraft, vehicles or boots on the ground with a range of 2.5 to 25 kilometers. It comes from above.

3. F-16I Sufa Fighter..................The Sufa is the customized Israeli version of the US F-16, and come with air to surface missiles like Popeye, Delilah and JDAM (smart bombs)

F-16I.png - 546808 Bytes

4. Super Heron Drone................A souped up version of the Heron, used by other nations; which canfly for more than 45 hours at 30,000 ft at a speed of 170 MPH.

5. Unit 8200.............................Is the Israeli military's signals intelligence (SIGNIT) unit Jerusalem's equivalent of the US National Security Agency. The Isareli commanders will do a lot with Unit 8200. 6. Spice 250.............................One of the newer and secret additions to the Israeli Military is the Spice 250 glide bomb developed for the IAF by Rafael Industries Israel. This weapon with pinpoint accoracy, allows IAF pilots to target terrorists while staying out of harms way and reduces civilian casualties.

7. F-15I (Thunder).....................A USA designed F-15; perfected by the Israeli for air supremacy and for strike prposes and today remains a very effective air to air combat platform and superior to aircraft available to Israel's foes and flown by Israel's elite pilots.

photo01.jpg - 51898 Bytes

8.Protector USV.........................An unmanned surface Vehicle that is a unique piece of equipmant that operates with a crew of two and carries an electro-optical sensor, radar, a Typhoon stsbilized remote weapons station that can be fitted with any machine gun or grenade launcher.

9. Tavor/Micro-Tavor Assault Rifle..A very futuristic looking bullpup assault rifle, designed for the 21 century battle field and comes in several variants and uses standard NATO caliber rounds in a 30 round magazine.

travor_assult_rifle.jpg - 63620 Bytes

10. ATMOS 2000 Howitzer...........An advanced truck mounted howitzer system; the latest self propelled artillery weapon; 155 mm 52 caliber syster mounted on a 6x6 truck. Can be deployed using C-130's.

ATMOS 2000 Howitzer.jpg - 141025 Bytes

11. Arrow 3 ABM.........................One of the least known but probably the most powerful defense systems owned by the Israeli IDF is the Arrow 3 Anti-BallisticMissile (ABM) system. Is most Vital to Israel survival and is integrated with the "Green Pine' radar to provide target information, having search and track range of 400 km it easily covers the whole of Israel.

6 cell Arrow-3 Launcher.jpg - 386119 Bytes

12. Barak 8 SAM.........................This missile is an Indo-Israeli joint venture and a next generation surface to air missile to equip their Navy and Air Force.

13. SA'AR 5 Corvette....................Sa'ar 5 is a multi-role corvette designed to carry out Anti-Submarine, Anti-Surface and Anti-Air Warfare with equal ease.it fidplsvrd stounf 1100 tons but has the firepoert og s 4000 yon frigate and the latest upgrades includes a nemerous armament list.

14. Iron Dome...............................The most famous weapon of the IDF; the Iron Dome interceptor system is always in the news and is a C-RAM missile system and uses the Tamirinterceptor missile to carry out its duty,

how_irondome_works.png - 280175 Bytes

15. David's Sling............................The cream of the crop is the all new David's Sling, an air defense system created to intercept medium-range rockets, missiles and drones. In it's final test of the series; an interceptor missile was successfully launched, performed all flight phases, and engaged the target. Expected to be operational by mid-2016.......With David's Sling in use; there will be no rest for the wicked

Now I have saved the best for the last and should it come down to using this type of tactical weapon this little fellow can do the job all by his self without workingup a sweat:

16. Davy Crocket Rifle....................This tactical nuclear recoilless rifle redesigned for IDF applications is able on it's own to bring an end to the evil perpetrated by the enemies of Israel. More can be said about this weapon as it has the ability to rain terror down upon the enemy of God like never-before-seen.

davy-crockett_gun.jpg - 109913 Bytes
No New Pics: Smoothbore Perfection is acheived In The Redesign Of This 1950's Weapon

17. Angelic Intervention....................Exo. 23:20; behold I send and Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared; Exo. 23:23; For mine Angel shall go before thee, and bring thee in unto the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites: and I will cut them off

outofthevortex-002.jpg - 37385 Bytes
Redeemed Angles Ascending From the Bottomless Pit Through A Reverse Vortex; To Fight For Israel and the church in the last times.

These Eternal Avengers of Israel are the redeemed and repented spirits which accepted the gospel of the Kingdom as it was preached in Hell by Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and as a result they become the ministering spirits from the abyss and sent forth to minister to them (Israel) who are set to become the heirs of salvation.

Avenging_Angel_001.jpg - 12787 Bytes
Redeemed Angel From The Abyss: Sent To Defend Israel, The People Of God.

1Pe 3:18; For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the spirit.......By which he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;.....Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved bywa And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will; (2 Ti 2:25)

angel-gabriel.jpg - 76685 Bytes

. Israel is prepared for the final war with it's enemy; regardless of the numbers and Nations. They are not afraid nor are they dismayed by the things evil men do; nor will they forever walk awan from a fight that's necessary to save the Nation; it's land and it's people; for God goes before His people,in time of battle; but at the appointed time, God will send his wrath through the IDF/IAF, descending upon all the enemies of God's people. This war will be so decisive and one sided in favor of Israel; lasting only about 7 days and the victory is determined to belong to Israel. And no more will the enemy be able to stand beefore the people of God and teir destiny. This coalition of nations which came forward to move against Israel will be no more; nor will they ever be able to war against Israel again.

avenging_angel_002.jpg - 87337 Bytes
Is It Not Written: That He Will Give His Angels Charge Over Thee

Indignation and exasperation will fill the hearts and minds of the leaders of the Nations of the World, including the USA, against Israel and it's government and this fury and huff will cause the Kings of the earth to come together as a single power to move against Israel and will be led to a place, that is in the Bible called 'Armageddon'.

When Israel's final battle against evil, will take place; I do not know. However this I do know: Whenever it does take place Israel will be ready; even as they are ready today.
Sharon.jpg - 13700 Bytes
Ariel Sharon, 1928-2014

AMA shows honor to Ariel
Sharon,11th Prime Minister of
Israel. A Great Gift from G-d to
the people of Israel

blood_moon.jpg - 20349 Bytes
Blood Moons Tetrads 2014-15

The G-d of our universe kept life in
His gift to Israel until the advent of
the Blood Moons Tetrads of 2014-
15 NEXUS? You Bet!! The results of this phenomenal is soon to be revealed


04 Destination Earth...2016.

sunset in tennessee_by_ david Noles.jpg - 41750 Bytes

cities-destroyed-movies-18.jpg - 42589 Bytes
Your City, USA Will Not Be The City In The Movie

Somewhere in the midst of the year of 2016-17; likely between March and October; but could be at any other time, even as the year 2015 begins to get underway; The world will inherit an 'Experience' which will require the attention and respect of every living being on the planet.

fay4[1].jpg - 34532 Bytes
Where Will It Come From; When Will It Arrive and What Will It Do For Humanity

This is not to say that this Experience will be good or evil; but regardless of its attributes, it will forever change the complexity of Humanity; and the roll each affected or surviving individual will play in the remaining time of the future. I will not attempt to explain what this 'Experience' is; but all humanity will know the day or night it arrives upon this earth.

My only intent is to assist in the endeavor of awareness and preparation by those who are able to survive and continue; and the spiritual improvising required to make that happen. If you would like to discuss this more with me at a later date; please feel free to call and we will talk. Just maybe; we all should sit back and look at all of the messages left the world by the Sumerians of Southern Mesopotamis; who existed more than 5,000 years ago.
The Earth Is The Lord's
Our Mission:
To Support The

"Coming Together
JEHOVAH and JESUS----ONE GOD.........324 Messianic Prophecies

05. 2016-17 The Return of Shekinah Glory

imagesFRJFHCH5.jpg - 4669 Bytes

2016-17 is the year(s) that we look forward to witnessing of the Prophesy of the late William J. Seymour, who at the Azusa Street Revival which began in 1906; prophesied in 1909 that the 'Shekinah' Glory of God would return to the church after one 100 years. For the faithful believers, 2016 will be a good year when the visible Glory of God returns to the Church and true miracles will once again become a part of everyday church worshiping of God; as minister and believer will come closer to God from their backslidden state. As the fate of our nation and nations of the world are at stake, due to racial hatred and indifference; so embeded in the hearts and minds of many individuals, until the preaching of the gospel is of none effect. God Almighty will have to intervene in His visible Shekinah Glory, if man is to have any hope of recovery unto salvation.

WildernessTabernacle.jpg - 11585 Bytes
God's Shekinah Shall Return To The Holy Tabernacle

Our prayers are that this great impending revival and the appearing of Shekinah to the church will have its inception at the AMA, Apostolic Temple located at: 1422 Norwood Avenue, Titusville, Florida 32796 or another location in the state of Florida; or at any true Church of God anywhere in the world. Shekinah on many occasions have manifested itself at the Norwood Avenue Temple and I believe that it will manifest itself daily for a season to heal the universal church of Christ Jesus (Yeshua); and to allow others living in our broken and heartless city, to witness the wonderful works of God.

ice_sculptures_ Carina_Nebula.jpg - 234998 Bytes
We Will Wittness His Shekinah Glory In The Bussom of Abraham

True believers from around the world will, then; find their way to the Norwood Avenue Temple to witness first hand the awesome power, energy and force in the visible glory of God. If you would like to feel and witness the power of Shekinah; you are always welcome to the Norwood Avenue Temple; located in Titusville, Florida 32796. For this reason we strive to maintaiin the Norwood Temple in a very simple state; not modernistic or upscale but fit in humility to receive the King.
Please remember and inform your
neighbor: 'Summit 2016' Is Planned For,
Titusville, Florida 32796 USA, And Is
hereby Set For, May 29th thru 31st , You
do not want to miss this inportant Coming
Together of the Peoples of God. 2016

"Coming Together At
The River"

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 06 No Improvement In Emissions and Greenhouse Gases For 2016

All of the world's 2015 Protocol; pertaining to emissions and greenhouse gases will go no where in the reduction of materials and gases; being emitted into the atmosphere daily by most nations of the world for any of 2016. Hard fought Agreements will continue to be reached; but they will be of non-effect in volume reduction as nature itself will also be responsible for emission of some of these most dangerous materials. Emissions will continue and will actually increase beginning in 2016 as small nations unwillingly try to make reduction adjustments and will increase each year, thereafter; to satisfy and fulfill one of the great mysteries of the Holy Scriptures and because of this Mystery no persons or nations will be able to rectify or clean up the earth's atmosphere; known as the first heaven.

Here in 2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

And again in Verse 12: Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

Now we all know that God Almighty put nothing in the heavens that could burn with this magnitude and we know that in most of the heavens there is nothing at all up there. It is man and nature who are responsible for all this accumulation of gases and materials up there and man must ultimately pay the price for this in the end time we are approaching. Methane Gases from increased oil production, Agriculture and animals and Hydrocarbon gases with many other materials as fuel will be responsible for this great explosion and fire in the heavens and there is nothing that mankind can do about it. For The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. Now for humanity; there is nothing to do but to cry and show regretfulness for bringing your end upon yourself and the whole world.

NOTE: This is a mystery of the Bible which have not been revealed to other ministers of the gospel as it is revealed to Bishop/Chief Elder Charles Ford Walker. So, Ministers when you begin to preach and write of this mystery be sure to tell your audience where you heard it first. Man will not be able to escapt this future doom of the world being on fire; the trigger has been set and the countdown has begun. Just Pray!!

earthonfire_002.jpg - 619858 Bytes
10 Worst Natural Disasters In US History

1. Chicago Heat Wave -- 1995

Just over ten years ago, Chicago experienced one of the worst summers in U.S. history. Insanely hot temperatures killed 739 people in just five days.

2. Sea Islands Hurricane -- 1893
In 1893, Savannah, Georgia, was hit by a devastating storm that killed approximately 2,000 people.

3. Peshtigo Fire -- 1871
Although largely overshadowed by the Great Chicago Fire, the Peshtigo Fire in Peshitigo, Wisconsin, was the deadliest fire in U.S. history. It killed between 1,200 and 2,500 people.

4. U.S. Heat Wave -- 1980
It's been pretty hot this summer, but not as hot as it was in the Midwest back in 1980. Nearly every day from June to September, temperatures reached well over 90 degrees with nary a cool front in sight. Drought conditions took 1,700 lives.

5. Hurricane Katrina -- 2005
Hurricane Katrina ended up being the most expensive disaster in U.S. history, running up a tab of $108,000,000,000. Approximately 1,836 people died during the disaster.

6. Chenière Caminada Hurricane -- 1993
It wasn't the most infamous hurricane to ever hit the Louisiana area, but it was definitely the most fatal. Three intense storms hit in 1993, the worst of which was Chenière Caminada. That particular storm killed 2,000 residents

. 7. The Johnstown Flood -- 1889
Known locally as the Great Flood of 1889, this disaster occurred when a dam broke after several days of heavy rainfall. This downpour flooded Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with 20 million gallons of water. At one point, the flow rate of flood was similar to that of the Mississippi River. Over 2,000 people were killed, and countless homes were washed away.

8. Okeechobee Hurricane -- 1928
The second deadliest hurricane in U.S. history started all the way in West Africa. It somehow made it to the east coast of North America, killing more than 2500 people in Florida, and over 500 in Puerto Rico.

9. San Francisco Earthquake -- 1906
In a real-life version of the movie San Andreas, the San Andreas fault caused a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale back in 1906. Over 80 percent of San Francisco was destroyed, and 3,000 people died in the earthquake and subsequent fires.

10. Galveston Hurricane -- 1900
The deadliest hurricane in U.S. history descended upon Galveston, Texas, in 1900. Between 6,000 and 12,000 people died in the intense storm, which came complete with 145 mph winds.

Unless we invent some sort of anti-doom machine, our society could easily come crumbling down at the hands of a natural disaster. The scariest part is that climate change will ultimately cause storms like these to wreak havoc on our planet more frequently than ever before.

Apostolic Ministries of America,
Inc. Bible Education 'A Study To
Show Jesus Christ Is God
Almighty' 'The King of kings and
Lord of lords'

70th. Week Of Daniel's Prophecy
Revelation For The Last Times

Translation Of The Saints and 2nd. Coming Of Jesus Christ
07.. The Mighty Men and Women of the world, who will loose POWER in 2016-17:

1 Co 1:19 For it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

Luke 21 V.25 ¶And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Black Hol_ Andromeda Galaxy.jpg - 24723 Bytes
Many Of The Mighty and Powerful Men and Women of The World Will Yield Their Powerful As If It Were Given To A Black Hole, Like In The Andromeda Galaxy. Nevertheless, The World Will Be Better Off

1. President Barrack Obama......................Cannot Be Re-elected

2. President Vladimir.................................Power Struggle

3. President Bashar al-Assad.....................Agreement/Russia/USA

4. President Recep Erdogan.......................Vicitm of Ext. Influence

5. Donald Trump........................................His Mouth/Past Evils

6. Marco Rubio......................................... Overplayed His Hand

7. Megyn Kelly..........................................Her Kelly File

8. Haneen Zoabi........................................Hate

9. Michelle Obama.....................................Follows Husband

10. Debbie W Schultz.................................Can't Keep Up

11. Dr. Ben Carson.....................................Too Honest

12. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi............................MQ-1 Predator

13. George Zimmerman...............................Victim Road Rage

14. Kirk Franklin........................................ Lifestyle

15. Bishop Charles E Blake ........................ Victim Lifestyle

16 Khaled Mashal...................................... Victim Drone IDF

17. Hassan Nasrallah................................. .Victim Accident

18. Barbara Walters..................................... Old Age

19. Andrea Mitchell...................................... Old and Stupid

20. Antonin Scalia.........................................Bigotry

21. Ruth B. Ginsburg ....................................Bigotry & Age

22. Anthony Kennedy....................................Health & Age

23. Ashleigh Banfield.....................................Overrated

24. Bashar al Assad ......................................KGB/MOSSAD/CIA

25. Wolf Blitzer .............................................Can't Keep Up

26 .Psator Joseph Smith................................ Life Style

27. Pastor Chris Okotie...................................Life Style

28. Bishop T.D. Jakes.....................................Wrath of the King

29. Pastor Rick Warren...................................Wrath of the King

30. Pastor Creflo Dollar....................................Life Style

31. Pastor Joel Osteen....................................Wrath of the King

32. Sen Barnie Sanders...................................Old Like Me

32. Cecile Richards..........................................Wrath of God

33. Hussan Nasrallah.......................................MOSSAD/IDF/IAF

34. Elder Heath K Rada....................................False Doctrine

35. Rev. Gradye Parsons .................................False Doctrine

36. Elder Linda B Valentine...............................Hate, False Doctrine

37. NYPD Richard Haste...................................Dirty Cop/ Hate

38. Mikey Weinstein.........................................Heart With No Love

39. Brian T Encinia ..........................................Sandara Bland's Ghost

40. Waller Co TX Grand Jurors...........................Sandara Bland's Ghost

41. Kuwait Airways...........................................Hate for Israel

42. Michael Steele............................................Too Much GOP

43. Hassan Rouhani..........................................Lies and Lies

44. Faud Masum ..............................................ISIL

45. Dianne Feinstein..........................................Must I Say

46. Chuck Grassley...........................................Must I Say

47. Rachard Shelby.......................................... Must I Say

48. Barbara Mikulski .........................................Must I Say

49. John Conyers.............................................. Must I Say

50. Charles B Rangel.........................................Must I Say

51. Black Lives Matter.......................................Racist & Bigotry

52. Alicia Garza................................................Prejudice

53. Patrisse Cullors...........................................Prejudice

54. Tim McGinty...............................................Destruction of Innocenc

55. Timothy Loehmann......................................Destruction of Innocence

56. Frank Garmback..........................................Destruction of Innocence

57. Cuyahoga County Grand Jurry (Rice).............Destruction of Innocence

58. ISIS/ISIL..................................................Raced By God's Wrath

. While many other individuals will give up their power/position in 2016-17; these are mentioned in this publication to show it will not be happening except there be first a witness. Don't worry; there are many waiting to take their place. If You do not know who some of these individuals are, don't ask me; just Google them. That's how I will find out who they are. Thank God for Google and Smart Phones in our time. Thank God for cleaning up the people mess. .
08 2016, God's Wrath Upon Lowlife, GLBT's, Miscreants and Abjects In The USA and Around The World

Eventhough, God Almighty will forever keep this Great Nation known as the United States of America from the hands of its enemies and those who seek to destroy it from within and without: always giving it (USA) the Final Victory; the Undesirables, Covenant Breakers, Rogue Policemen, the Ungodly, Same Gender Preference, and those who are shedding innocent blood, just might not fare so well, as the world enters into that time where the Wrath of God will begin with those who are not His and are known in the scriptures as the 'Beginning of Sorrows. abd if judgment shall begin in the House of God; what shall be the end of those who know not the gospel; nor the words of our Great God Almighty.

WrathofGod_001.jpg - 25230 Bytes
And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.

1. The worst mistake made by the Obama Administration was it's attempt to legitimize 'same sex marriage' and the entire GLBT agenda; forcing this perverted and ungodly lifestyle upon the many God fearing and bible believing people of this great land; The United States of America. The mandate imposed by President Clinton (Don't ask don't tell) was sufficient for all times and there was not a need to impose another course of action to substain any make belief rights of those who are determined to live this life of sin and transgression. No! a law (s) was not needed to protect this life style over and above others and Obama and the courts have gone too far; and this nation's participants will pay for this great sin and abomination against God Almighty. God's wrath is sure to be upon these Abjects. God's wrath will manifest itself in many forms as these abjects are made subject to it without mercy. The acceptance of this lifestyle is: according to bible prophecy, the bsseline for the doctrine of Satan which becomes the 'mark of the beast' in the end time age of earth. Yes GLBT = 666 and the whole world is going in that direction.

WrathofGod_005.jpg - 39874 Bytes
For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.

2. Do not be surprised when you see Human Nature at its worst in the history of modern man; and as God's laws are hid and embedded in Nature and are there as a witness of the Righteousness established in Him; So is the Wrath of God embedded in Nature and at the appointed time; by His word, becomes judgment upon the ungodly; as nature unfolds by commandment from God to reveal all his hidden wrath; shut up and entombed in nature since before the world was inhabited.to become contaminated by the evil things that men do, to others and to themselves. God's Wrath, hidden in the depth of the earth, until the time set for it's revealing; shall be Upon Lowlife, GLBT's, Miscreants and Abjects In The USA and Around The World

WrathofGod_014.jpg - 6260 Bytes
For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all the ungodiness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness

3. This has been the Operations of the Holy Ghost from the beginning of time. Faults such as the Hayward Fault and others around the world, which are located within large populated areas will begin in 2016, to come to life as Judgment form God against the ungodly populations of those regions. Do not be surprised when you hear that the epic center of earthquakes greater than 7.0 was directly beneath those cities of sin and transgression. God's Wrath will be revealed upon the ungodly in the days to come and will not expire until the Day of The Lord is come. God bless the Righteous of the United States of America and of the world! We the believers must make a stand and hold the line against this ungodly intrusion by these perverts of sin and transgression.

WrathofGod_015.jpg - 8154 Bytes
The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb.

Bishop Charles E. Bigg

Top Twelve Most Dangerous
Cities In The United States

12. Atlanta, Georgia

11. Gary, Indiana

10. Miami, Florida

09. Birmingham, Alabama

08. Buffalo, New York

07. Oakland, California

06. Baltimore, Maryland

05. St Louis, Missouri

04. Stockton, California

03. Cleveland, Ohil

02. Memphis Tennessee

01. Detorit, Michigan

Other US Cities such as: Huston,
Texas; Los Angeles, California:
East St Louis, Illionis: Las Vegas,
Nevada; Camden, New Jersey;
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New
York, New York; Chattanooga,
Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; could
very well have been listed in the
top twelve.
09. USA Will Loose Part Of Its Future, 2016

The rejection of basic human rights agendas as promoted by the youth of America; the fact that "all men are created equal" will continue to be rejected by the congress and the Courts of this Nation. The rejection and denial of basic human rights for the Negro, has endured for almost 400 years; beginning with the first 20 Africans; who were hogtied against their will; placed on Dutch ships and brought to Virginia. After so long a time God has looked down upon this great abomination and his wrath will in 2016 be felt by those who prolong this great injustice.

At least one critical U.S. city will experience some destruction, by the will of God; some of the U.S. infra-structure will be compromised by acts of God and to show the abjects and bigots that He (God) is King and the final victory is His; He will open up serious wounds along the New Madrid Fault Line and killer earthquakes will come to life, affecting several states and cities of America. Yes! The Great Mississippi River will run backwards again creating new lakes and waterways, and drying up others in the New Madrid Region. The hand of God will reach down from Heaven and slap the earth, with St. Louis and Memphis being in the midst of the battleground, which God will pick to exhibit His wrath.

God Almighty will prove this to be the hand of God, moving against sin and transgression, by setting the speed of the shock waves, moving outward from the centers of these wounds at 7,000 miles per hour. God will speak; and racial hatred within the shores of America shall be at a great price to pay; if it should try to continue. Cost of damage to America 1,000,000,000 Dollars; and 40 years of rebuilding and millions of Americans losing their future and the future of their children..
Bishop Charles E. Bigg

Top Ten Most Racist United
States Supreme Court Rulings

10. Korematsu v. United States 1944

09. Hirabayashi v. United States 1943

08. Lum v. Rice 1927

07. United States v. Thind 1923

06. Ozawa v. United States 1922

05. Cumming v. Richmond 1899

04. Plessy v. Ferguson 1896

03. The Civil Rights Cases 1883

02. Pace v. Alabama 1883

01. Dred Scott v. Standford 1856
10. A Miracle Breakthrough In Understanding Diabetes Is Coming. 2016 According to information released early 2014 by the Center for Disease and Prevention, about 28.5 million Americans have some form of diabetes. A vast majority have Type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity and is treated with combinations of medication, diet, exercise and in some cases insulin. Type 1 diabetes is said by all others to be a genetic illness with no known cause and is always treated using insulin. At this moment billions are being invested and spent to discover a break through in understanding diabetes; but here understanding is being sought that passes the intelligence of the greatest medical research minds on earth. However some things are known only to God; but ready to be revealed at the appointed time, through whom the Lord may chose.

Before the end of 2016 out tske is: medical research will reveal that both Type 1 and Type 2 are caused by a VIRUS, much smaller than the Virus which causes AIDS and can lie dormant and inactive in the human body for a life time or it can become active at any time during a persons life span or it can become active as soon as it enters a person's body; or when an individual is born into the world. Infection of this virus can come from sexual intercourse; or can be transmitted through skin to skin contact or by transmission of body fluids; and this explains why so many Americans are being infected by this virus as we have become a nation of gross immorality. This virus is small and replicates its self without any assistance from the host is mostly overlooked by the T-4 White blood cells and therefore none to very small amounts of Anti-bodies are developed which until now have made this virus undetectable in the host. This virus uses the host's fat body tissue and other special kind of tissue to freely replicate itself until its numbers overwhelms the host body and develops into full blown DIABETES; affecting every organ and system in the entire body. especially the nervous system.

In many Type 1 Diabetes cases this virus is passed from the mother to the unborn fetus. In this case the virus is subject to earlier activation and develops into serious diabetic complications in the young child. By exercise and proper diet to rid the body of any and all excess fat tissue; one may be able with good health live a life time with this virus not developing into full blown diabetes.This medical breakthrough will be a miracle in discovery and will probably happen in the land of Israel.
Bishop Charles E. Bigg

Top Ten Best Food Items For

10. Leafy Greens
09. Butternut Squash
08. Watermelon
07. 07. Garbanzp Beans
06. CBreads
05. Wild Salmon
04. Broccoli
03. Unsweet Greek Yogurt
02. Mangoes
01. Sweet Potatoes

Top Ten Worst Food Items For

10. Deep Fried Foods
09. Diary
08. Stick Margarine
07. Bagles
06. Microwave Popcorn
05. Processed Meats
04. Sword Fish/Some Tuns
03. Shelf Stable Condiments
02. Sodas
01. Bacon
clip_image002.jpg - 6711 Bytes

Our Children Will Come Together; They Will Make It To The Summit: They Will Crossover To The Promise Land; They Will Get The Job Done
Bishop C.F. Walker

The Ten Foot Prints For Our Children's Deliverance

CONA's Footprints For Success:

Empowerment must fall upon all parents and guardians who are willing to qualify themselves as such; and are totally committed and willing to employ the standards of God and not man, as the means to save our children from the evils of this world.

Prayer and supplication must be instilled in the minds of each and every child and in all their intents at the earliest possible time in their lives.

Prayer and supplicate rights must be returned to the Children and their families by all Local, State and Federal Institutions of Learning and Social Development and Care.

The right to achieve individual salvation according to the true laws of God, must be extended to each of our children at the time of their choosing.

Our Children must always be taught the truth; regardless of tradition and subject content or customs of their lands.

Our Children should never be lied to; no matter the tradition or the subject content or the customs of their lands.

Our Children must be taught to have respect for property of others and rights of all people whom they will interface with; and must be taught to recognize the value of all material and spiritual processes put in place for their wellbeing.

Our Children must be taught at an early age the good and bad of Economics and Capitalism and their relationship to their spirituality and moral development from a global perspective.

Our Children must be taught that there is a judgment seat in this world and the world to come; and each individual must give an account and are responsible for the wrong they commit.

Lastly, our Children must be trained to always walk in the path of righteousness and in the good ways of life to avoid departure from the most sacred values of life when they are grown.
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Thou hast given a banner to them that
fear thee, that it may be
displayed because of the truth . Selah
Psa 60:4

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